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"The Chinese people more noble ambition, dare to call God to change new chapter "-- Great Chairman Mao

Bleam Group was established in 2001 and is based out of Shenzhen China.  We are an international company with core competencies in PCB design, manufacturing, SMT, international trade, and supply chain services.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China (Bleam Group Limited), Bleam Group established its USA office in May, 2018 (Bleam USA Office) and 100% acquired a Germany PCB factory that with 24 years history - EPC ELREHA - on 20th August 2019 (Bleam Germany Factory).

Bleam Group

Bleam Group has earned a trusted reputation from our customer base and strategic partners through strict quality standards, superior service and on-time delivery.  We have grown from a small scale traditional trade business, to a sizable global enterprise.  Through this growth we have increased our service capabilities in the PCB industry by adding factories with higher technical competencies.  Today, we are expanding even further and building a comprehensive supply chain service platform.  With our rich experience in international trade and manufacturing, we have the knowledge needed to reduce supply chain costs and improve procurement efficiency, resulting in a lower workload for our customers.

Our value at Bleam Group stems from our ability to match our customers with the right factories.  In our world, order size is everything.  Larger orders receive more support from suppliers, period.  We carefully evaluate each order and match them with the appropriate manufacturing plant based on a number of factors.  This strategy ensures our customers are serviced well and our factories are optimizing their production capabilities.

Bleam has a highly regarded engineering and quality team in place to support our customers.  We offer R&D and design support on PCBs or full electronic assemblies.  Our capabilities include 2-36 layer Rigid PCBs, HDI, Metal Core, Ceramic Plate, Flexible and Rigid-Flex PCB.  Quality is of the upmost importance to our company and reputation.  We conduct 100% re-inspection on all incoming products ensure conformance.  Additionally, our quality team regularly conducts random audits at all of our factories to confirm these standards are being adhered to.

Additionally, we can provide full electronic assemblies, LCDs, and also offer assistance in component sourcing/supply chain.  We aim to be a strategic partner for our customer base and are willing to do everything possible to help you.